What is the gospel?

Mark 16.15 says our job on this planet is to preach the gospel. Romans 1.16 says that the gospel is the power for Salvation. Colossians 1.6 and Galatians 3.1-3 says the gospel is the way we are renewed and grow.  1Timothy 1.11 says the gospel is how we test our doctrine and Galatians 2.6 says the gospel is how we test our conduct.  In short, everything is about the gospel.  The facts of the gospel are laid on in 1Corinthians 15. 3-8.

In truth, from Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is about the one story: God’s redemption of mankind.  The Gospel is the ‘good news’ of how God accomplished that redemption through the Lord Jesus Christ.

The short version is….

The Gospel is…JESUS IN MY PLACE.

The longer, but still short version is….

The Gospel is the good news that God became man in Jesus Christ.  He lived the life we should have and died the death we should have…in our place.  Three days later, He rose from the dead proving that He is the Son of God offering the gift of salvation to all who will repent and believe in Him.

The long version is….

The gospel is the news of what God has done to accomplish salvation through Jesus Christ in history. Our relationship with God was broken as a result of disobedience and the chasm that exists between God and Man is too vast for us to overcome. Because of Adam’s sin, we have been found sinners by nature. Willfully, we have turned our back on God, becoming guilty by choice as we seek to answer questions of identity, purpose, and truth apart from Him. In that pursuit, we are miserable but try to convince ourselves otherwise. Enslaved to Sin, we seek our own glory and fall short of God’s. We find we are indebted to God, sentenced to die, unwilling and unable to pay the wages required to save ourselves.

By His grace, God reaches out to those who refused to listen and loves them. By grace, He sacrifices His Son, the perfect sinless one, crucifying Him on a cross for the sins of man, paying the price that we could not. Through His willing sacrifice, Jesus redeems us, atoning for our sins, and through His resurrection frees us from the slavery of darkness and sin. In Christ, we are justified, deemed innocent before God, and declared righteous, as Jesus’ own righteousness is imputed to our account. No longer under the wrath of God, all our sins covered, evil is defeated death is conquered, as we who were once dead in our sins are made alive through the resurrection Christ.

By trusting in what Jesus alone has done on the cross for our salvation, not in anything we can achieve or earn, God makes us holy and blameless without stain or wrinkle or any blemish. We are reconciled to God and enter into relationship with Him once again, having been freed from guilt and shame and freed to serve Jesus out of a heart of love and thankfulness.

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