This blog exists for several reasons, all for the glory of God: First, having a place to share my wonderful horrible experience of planting and pastoring a church is cathartic for me, and I hope an encouragement to others like me. I pray that my joys and pains will be an helpful to those in the trenches, a sobering reality check for those who think planting is “sexy”, and a reason to boast all the more in the cross. Second, I will not write everything on this blog because there are too many others that God has gifted much more than me to say it, preach it, and write it better than I ever will. Knowing that, I will aim to find and filter what I feel everyone should read because of how impacts me personally AND how it might equip others. Finally, the truth is I still don’t really know what I’m doing as a planter, pastor, blogger, and even a Christian a lot of the time. I’m not sure when someone becomes authoritative enough to speak into the lives of others, but perhaps the two of you who read this might learn something from a soldier in God’s army of the willing and incompetent.


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