RE:sermon | Who Jesus Receives and Rejects

RE:sermon is an effort to share the best thoughts from the most recent sermons.  resermonToo often, some of the “nuggets” of truth get lost in the noise and length of the sermon.  Some of these need to be forgotten while others need to be repeated.  As Doug Wilson once told me, “If it is good enough to say once, it is good enough to say twice.”  With that in view, the following quotes were taken from two sermons preached in early March 2015.  Both sermons come from our series in the Gospel of Matthew (Book 3).  One sermon is titled WHO JESUS RECEIVES and the other is titled WHO JESUS REJECTS.

If we are going to love children, then we they must be SOUGHT for, BROUGHT to, and TAUGHT about Jesus.Twitter-Button

We have a responsibility to care for our family, our church, and the world…We all have a tendency to focus on caring for ONE of these areas, often at the EXPENSE of the others.  We need to balance the competing tensions that exist between the three in order to avoid idolatry of any one.

All children need to be taught even though you come to Jesus with nothing, by grace through faith, you get everything from Him.Twitter-Button

Few of us hinder the children by actively stopping them from coming to Jesus; many of us hinder them through our PASSIVITY and INDIFFERENCETwitter-Button

The greatest hindrance to eternal life is a heart that wants to DO for Jesus versus a heart that wants to BE with Jesus.Twitter-Button

No amount of your goodness will get you into heaven, because no amount of your goodness is actually good. Twitter-Button

Jesus says, in order to enter heaven, you must perfectly satisfy the law or have it perfectly satisfied for you by someone else.Twitter-Button

The Road of life is the Road of God’s commandments. But the way to get on this road is THROUGH Christ.  The way to walk this road is IN Christ.  And the way to stay on this road is BY Christ.

Whatever you are least willing to surrender for Jesus is what you are most apt to idolize.Twitter-Button

Jesus does not offer something to do, he offers something to believe. Twitter-Button


Author: Sam Ford

Sam Ford is a preacher, planter, and pastor from the Pacific Northwest. He is currently pastoring Restoration Road Church in Snohomish, WA.