Beautifully simple church

Last night marked the first official gathering of Damascus Road Church in our Snohomish Imagespace.  This original historical timber frame building was constructed in 1882.  In its 131 years of life, it has functioned as a general store, a livery, a Pontiac Car lot, an office space, and even a Billiards hall.  But last night, for the first time, it served as a dwelling place for God among His people.   We prayed thanksgiving to our Lord.  We worshiped Him in song.  We proclaimed His Word publicly.  We made much of Jesus in a place where, quite probably, not much of Him has ever been made before. 

After the gathering, several of us were struck by the beautiful simplicity of it all.  Wires are exposed.  Rooms are unfinished.  Plumbing is disconnected. We had no bulletins.  We had no hospitality team.  We had no welcome desk.  We had no kid’s program.  We had no visual media.  We had no stage.  We had no sound.  We had no chairs.  And yet, we gathered as one family of families  to worship our one Lord with one voice.  

Our flesh can make an idol of simplicity as easily as it does with complexity.  In other words, I have no desire to pursue self-righteous simpleness.  I am challenged, however, to reconsider what a church really needs to worship the King.