Peter the Paradox -“Good Friday”

Yesterday evening, Damascus Road Church gathered to meditate on the death of Jesus.  In our time, we journeyed through the life of Peter.  Peter is a walking paradox.  He is the only one who right identifies Jesus as the Son of God.  A few verses later, he is the only one quietly rebuking Jesus for saying he would die, and he is the only one Jesus calls Satan.  Peter is the only one with faith enough to walk on water, and he is the only one to sink when he takes his eyes off of Jesus.  Peter is the only one stands up to defend Jesus when he is arrested, and he is the only one who follows Jesus all the way to the court.

Though all of the disciples flee and hide, Peter is the only one who denies Jesus verbally-three times.  Last night, as we watched Peter fall from grace, I was reminded of my own denial and rejection through a powerful verse we often read over.  Luke 22.61,  And the Lord turned and looked at Peter.”

Can we even imagine what Peter must have felt.  The moment he had spoken the third denial, their eyes met.  We know that because Peter must have retold the story to his disciples…”He looked at me guys…and I wept bitterly.”    It is both tragic and beautiful at the same time.  To be face to face with your own depravity and, at the same time, face to face with the love God.


Author: Sam Ford

Sam Ford is a preacher, planter, and pastor from the Pacific Northwest. He is currently pastoring Restoration Road Church in Snohomish, WA.

One thought on “Peter the Paradox -“Good Friday””

  1. – love the last paragraph. I think of the many times I have denied Jesus by not speaking up for my faith while remaining quiet to be “accepted” or avoid conflict. I can’t be too rough on Peter. Again, your last sentence was very moving.


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