Jesus hates Facebook

I don’t know what Jesus feels about facebook, but my guess is that he thinks it is from the devil.  I realize that everyone has their own personal “reconnection” story where their long lost __________ was found.  I still find it curious that people who have hundreds of “friends” don’t realize that they actually don’t have that many friends, or that the world cares what they had for breakfast, what their frustrated with or looking forward to in the next 30 minutes, or how many ways they can find to make a face to describe their emotions with punctuntion and slashes.  Another incredible phenomena is the false reality that people live with, believing that if an entity, organization, or group exists on facebook, then it has legitimacy.

Those little irritations pale in comparison to facebook’s ultimate contribution to the world–it has become the passive aggressive person’s best friend.  While we’d like to believe that people simply use it to keep tabs on one another, it is more often use to shoot jabs at one another.  There was a time in our society when, if you had an issue or conflict, you actually talked with person.  Today, it’s much easier to be a blowhard through sharing “what’s on your mind…”


Author: Sam Ford

Sam Ford is a preacher, planter, and pastor from the Pacific Northwest. He is currently pastoring Restoration Road Church in Snohomish, WA.

One thought on “Jesus hates Facebook”

  1. I think calling Facebook "from the Devil" can be a bit to the right of conservative. I believe anything, except the Word of God can damaging, if it is overused. Eggs are normally nutritious, and basically good for you, bacon is good for you, so is beef… However, used to excess, anyone of these 'good' foods, can be harmful to the human being. Likewise, Facebook can be good or bad, If it is used instead of, or in place of human contact, would be dreadfully wrong and damaging. However, it can be a great tool as well. Facebook can be used to revive or enhance forgotten or abandoned relationships. Relationships that when separated, were painful and heartbreaking. It can allow some the ability to re-connect with past professionals and classmates–old friends who no longer live in the same community or state. Further, it may allow the first 'safety move' in a strained or broken familial relationship that has been torn apart by worldly events or situations. It may provide a media for meeting and healing to once again take place, ideally, in person, i.e. face to face. At any rate, Facebook, nor anything else, for that matter, has to be a tool of Satan. While I agree face to face communication is much better, sometimes people are not confident enough or in a strong emotional place where they can openly handle a face to face relationship. Facebook, therefore, can provide a starting point or staging area to bring a relationship back to fullness. A fullness than can result in Koinonia or a Community in Christ. Facebook can be used as a place to 'shoot jab.' I am sure there are people who do on occasion, who can be hurtful on Facebook. However, jabs can be delivered in person as well as on Facebook. A jab can be in the form of 'gaze avoidance' when we don't want to get involved. Emotional jabs can occur when a person desparately needs a person to just talk with or spend time with…at church. And yet, when the opportunity to take their leave comes, often times, the other person scoots out from under the burden of having to listen to another. There are problems with the computer age…most assuredly Namely, when blogging or writing a commentary, the personal element of human interaction can be lost. An inability to 'read' the other's non-verbals can be lost. Mis-coding or mis-interpretations can and do occur in person, let alone on the computer where rate of speech, neuro-lingquistics or eye movements and base line body behavior are non-existent or at least invisible. Mis-coding and mis-interpretation can occur face to face, however, far too often are completely accurate. It may be that people have resided in a friendly little metropolis, like Marysville, WA for 10 years. It may also be that few people have taken the time to get to know the strangers in their commuity. It might be that a family or a couple has even gone to a church since it's planting and hardly anyone knows their name. It might be that nobody in Koinonia has identified a social need they may have, let alone a physical need such as food, clothing or shelter. Personally, I find it a whole lot less embarassing and socially awkward to request a friend on Facebook and be ignored, than to be ignored in public at a Church where community is touted and then passed over. Looking into the eyes of a fellow church member to find them looking down or away is much more hurtful. I have sought out Koinonia at AC3, The Bridge and at Damascus Road. I have found it to be painfully lacking in the first two. I do hope Damascus Road can change this seeming fact of church community. Anything can be a tool of Satan, in the wrong hands. And, further, God can make or use anything for His Glory…even Facebook…


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